Our Story.

Sypesteyn opened Cookhouse in September 2014, with a mission to show the flavors of his birthplace, New Orleans. His opening menu payed homage to the classics of the Crescent City with refined techniques from his experience in Classical French and Italian cuisine.

In September 2019, Sypesteyn and his wife wanted to share a new Cookhouse with San Antonio that supported his growth as a chef and showcased the side that drew him to Texas. They updated the space and menu in a "restaurant impossible" style undertaking in one week and re-opened during the restaurant's 5 year anniversary.

Cookhouse today, is a modern take of New Orleans with the flavors of San Antonio; which highlight Sypesteyn's complexity as a chef by combining his experience and heritage--a Southern boy with Texas roots.

It takes a team.

Sypesteyn is very blessed to have a team that executes his vision on-site, on a daily basis--

General Manager, Matt Garcia and Head Chef, Josh Calderon. 

Behind Our Scenes.



Cookhouse Restaurant | 720 E. Mistletoe Ave | San Antonio, TX 78212 | 210.320.8211

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